1. Caught My Eye

From the recording Dream Girl

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Queen and king of the palace
Don't that sound like magic
Don't ya wanna upgrade ya status
Face all red, hope he don't see me blush
Won't leave him on read cause he's my crush
Sorry! But I laugh when I'm nervous
Ya have to understand that I would never hurt this
You're my favorite person
Prolly got haters
'cause all these looks be servin'

You and me would make a great team
You and me together in my dreams

I don't know why, but you caught my eye (repeat 4x's)

Game over to anyone who played him
Read those losers like a book
What's their name I'll page em
So hot I think ya need a fan
Stalk ya instagram cause I'm a fan

Dress is baby blue cause I leave these babies blue
Rose colored suit cause he a rose and perfect too
Hold hands and dance in the middle of the ballroom
Don't that sound, marvelous to you

Mediocore 'n has been
But we Joker 'n Quinn
Rae's man, not a friend
We'll face challenges like the mannequin
But at the end
Me and you will always win
We'll always win

I don't know why, but you caught my eye (repeat 4xs)