1. Main Character

From the recording Billy Bonka

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Main Character

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My spidey sense say niggas is buggin
They on the same page who they hatin and trusting
I read em cause I don't like em or trust em
I'm Jackie Chan bitch I'm the one who be stunting
Opps will pay there will be no refunding
On my migos it just fo show
On set it's always be something
Offset I don't hear nothing
Sensei don't try me
My flow be nuts they so jelly
These bitches stink they so smelly
I beats these hoes k-o game over
Mad that I'm colder than a shoulder
I been givin these tricks since last October
Throwin shots how are you still sober
Throwin shots
I got bullseye so I can see you bullshiting
These hoes to me ain't competition
Sending these looks to mortician
And these beats too I been killing
I just seen a grown man bitching
And he ain't spend no 20k
Or however much that nigga paid
So mad I'm poppin she gon pop a vein
Eat em up topping the food chain
On beast mode I cannot be tamed
Can tell you jealous don't gotta say a thang
Ha ha ha he he he
Had to laugh on this here verse
Cause you jokes are so absurd
I want action like a verb
I want action if y'all keep acting
Don't add up then I'm subtraction
Gettin rid of you bitch made asses
Jealous bitch mad I'm more attractive

For reminder
I'm the best I am her
For reminder
I'm the main character

Mira esa puta
She should tuck ha fupa
We locked in, we rock solid
We stared at medusa
I am young i am joven
I'm 19 like I am covid
Why this dud think she is chosen
You did a bad job need a demotion
Come forth like July
Start a riot like you Kai
And tell your surgeon to retry
Cause it doesn't match your thighs

I'm mamacita
This a two seater
I don't date furries
I don't date cheetahs (cheaters)
I need respect
Call me miss Aretha

I ain't a trailer
I ain't a teaser
I'm a trailblazer
Ain't no suit either
Give me my credit
Call me miss visa

If I ain't employ you get out my business bitch
I kill looks you hoes are my witnesses
We ain't the same it's clear what the difference is
I got a nice frame like where that picture is

Si si Yo soy bonita
Yo soy esa chica
Mama mama mama cita
Is the main character

For reminder
I'm the best I am her
For reminder
I'm the main character